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What we do

Plant breeding

We have experience in breeding new cultivars for berry and hop crops using traditional techniques. For berries we specialise in raspberry and blackberry cultivars for fresh markets and home gardens. These include new low chill and primocane fruiting types.

For hops we are targeting high aroma and flavour-hops suitable for craft breweries and ornamental hops for the home garden. To maximise opportunity we develop both diploid and triploid types providing growers with more options. Good modern hop cultivars have been inaccessible for many in New Zealand for too long and our breeding programme will provide a source of new cultivars for commercial growers, home brewers and gardeners in New Zealand.

The traditional time to develop cultivars of hops and berries can be as long as 10 years but we have reduced this and plan on having cultivars released in as little as 5-6 years. 

Horticultural consultancy

With over 20 years experience with horticultural crops we have a good level of general expertise that can be useful to new and existing growers and gardeners. Contact us to find out if we can help.

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